Prose Poetry

The last thing we’re supposed to be finishing up for school now (besides the portfolio), is a prose poem. I didn’t know such a thing existed before, and I find them so difficult to write. I’ve tried a few angles at it, and I’m always left at the end with a feeling of having lost the poetry part on my way there. I go back to read some more example poems, yet trying to use what others have done before me, seem to fall short.

I started out with the idea of writing about a woman who was getting painted. The twist would be that she was actually getting painted, on. It seems like the topic didn’t suit me, so I went over to writing about a nightmare about beetles taking over somebody’s hometown. There wasn’t any magic there either. In school we worked with prompts on the last day, one was generated by a photograph we had in front of us. I tried to tell of it as a prose poem. Didn’t work. So I’m slightly lost. Have anyone out there ever tried there hands at prose poetry? What do you think of it?

You can find example poems here.


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